Jan Holden and daughter Emily
Jan Holden and daughter Emily

I Eat What I Need is a supportive community for people who wish to explore their eating and body issues.

We know what it’s like to have an unhealthy relationship with food and to have tried every diet going, only for nothing to work. So we’ve found a better way to manage our issues, using our seven-stage ‘Process‘, which has helped countless people – as you can read from our testimonials.

On this website, you’ll find details of our courses, workshops, and retreats – which we hold regularly in Colchester and Brighton, and you can read our team’s personal stories about our struggles with feeding ourselves and being in our bodies.

We are learning every day to eat more naturally, making conscious choices to nourish our bodies, minds and hearts and move away from the cravings and compulsive eating which had become such a burden. We invite you to share this journey with us, to learn to eat what you need, and to let go of foods, habitual behaviours and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

Or please call us for a friendly chat: Jan 07970 578120 | Emily 07505 707963.


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IEWIN has been a huge support to me.  A safe, kind and fun environment where I can talk about my eating and how I feel about my body. It’s given me the space to make more compassionate decisions about my eating and treat myself in a more loving way.
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