• on July 21, 2015

What to do when your clothes get tighter…and tighter….

By Jan Holden

Not weighing yourself means that you rely on your clothes to tell you if your body is expanding or contracting. Recently I noticed that my work tunic was becoming a bit more snug, shall we say. In my job you need room to move so I noticed. My mirror also reflected the changes.

Historically this would have been alarming and upsetting in equal measure. Oh no! The “Fear Of Fat” returns! Thoughts of “I must get a grip”, “I must rein in my appetite”, “I’ll start a diet on Monday” crowd in. I would find myself looking at celebrities on the front cover of women’s magazines; searching for the miracle cure that has enabled them to drop two dress sizes in half an hour and more importantly, move from shame (wobbly cellulite) to triumph (belly like an overstrung tennis racket). The self criticism would ramp up a gear, as if insulting and berating myself was just what I needed to change the situation.

What a relief to discover that my body was just reflecting my life! I have grown larger due to just that….my life. I have had some amazingly beautiful occasions recently and also some challenging and difficult times. My body tends to respond by eating more, it loves a wedding as much as a funeral. I know my default setting in happy or sad situations is to eat more than I need.

So what to do? Actually NOTHING.Image result for fear of fat

All I need to do is to be more aware, more kind, more understanding towards myself. Restricting or denying myself food has never and will never be the answer. I return to noticing my hunger, providing myself with the best possible plant-based goodness to nourish myself and I let the fear of fat go and I eat what I need.

Do you have a fear of fat? You are not alone!

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