Deeply Gentle Yoga

Have you ever thought that yoga was just for people with a certain kind of body shape?

Yoga does not belong to any body type.

Yoga belongs to EVERY body.

Yoga is not about making shapes.

It’s not about doing or achieving.

Yoga, for me, is the practice of feeling your insides.

It’s about being, feeling and experiencing.

If you’ve experienced any kind of health challenge (disordered eating, anxiety, depression, addiction…) then developing a stronger capacity to be present to what is, here and now, can be life-changing.

If you have a body, and can lie on the floor, you can do yoga.

If you experience a sense of disconnection from your body, and would like to reconnect with her wisdom, deeply gentle yoga is for you.

Yoga transformed my healing journey.  The benefits go far beyond improved range of motion and strength.  With sustained practice, old wounds and traumas can be released.  You can experience lightness, stillness and centredness like never before.

Let your body speak to you.  She wants you to listen.

Join Emily at her home in Hove for deeply immersive yoga classes, suitable for EVERY body.

From September 2017.