• on July 23, 2017

There is a first time for everything.

circleBy Jan Holden

So yesterday the Colchester IEWIN group met for our first Summer Party. A few hours of rest and relaxation together and a bit of playing in the kitchen, culminating in eating together.  As a group with a range of “interesting” approaches to nourishing ourselves, this was a bold step. I want to share some of my insights from those brief four hours.

Firstly, when we sat with our drinks at a table full of recipe books (to supposedly inspire what we were going to prepare) it just felt all wrong. Both Jane and I confessed that buying cookbooks was a bit of an obsession in the past; multiple attempts to discover the “right” way to eat that would help us heal our relationship with food. Another member said “take them off the table!” as even the titles were another poke in our collective sensitive ribs. So we did…

Secondly, we chose to go into the kitchen if we wanted to and I chose to let them in. How many years of your life have you spent in your kitchen because you have to feed others? How many hours have you spent looking in the fridge? Cupboard cruising? Secretly eating? So sharing my kitchen with my group, my people, who know my food issues, felt daring and brave. See this kitchen?  Herein is my pleasure and my pain.

Thirdly, when we sat down, looked at what we had created in such a short time and connected with our bellies, I took a mental snapshot of that moment. This is a new departure for us at I eat what I need. We never tell anyone what to eat and here we are sharing food together. Food that will nourish us and support our bodies. It all went a bit quiet. Sitting round the table with you all was sharing something significant. This was no ordinary meal for me.

The laughter and the closeness of yesterday will stay with me. Together, we eat what we need.