• on September 12, 2016

How to identify your inner motivation – Video Blog

Why should we bother to learn to eat what we need? Why practise listening to our gut brains? Discovering our motivation gives us a reason to make changes in our lives, and remembering this motivation is what keeps us going when times are tough.

In the past, my motivation to change my eating behaviour often came from feeling that I was wrong in some way – the wrong weight, the wrong body shape, eating the wrong food… And this kind of self-attacking motivation is painful, because it makes us feel unacceptable as we are, now, today.

We want to change. But to change peacefully and comfortably, we need to know that we are acceptable and lovable right here, right now, in this body, with these eating habits.

So, what motivates us to make these changes if we choose to unconditionally love and accept ourselves? Discover my personal, inner motivation, and find out yours, too.