• on February 16, 2016

Motivation: our second session

The Colchester group met on Monday where we explored our personal motivation for change. We know that we are perfectly entitled to stay exactly as we are, with our current rather unhelpful and unwanted habits dictating our behaviour and living with the same food and body issues for the rest of our lives, if we choose to. However, all those present expressed a strong desire to tread a new path, one of their own making, but with the IEWIN Process as their guide. So, we looked at our motivation.

1. What am I doing here on a Monday morning in a group for eaters?

2. Why do I want to change now and what exactly do I want to change (we talked a lot about how physical size is usually the ONLY motivator but actually, it is a useless reason in so many, many ways)?

3. How would my life be better without over/under eating, binge eating, compulsive and addictive eating, weight concerns and negative body image?

This formed the basis of our motivation, our “why”.

We notice (step one) our behaviour around food, we create space (step two) between the urge to eat and the act of eating. We do this by understanding our brain and its wiring, which frees us to make a choice. To eat or not eat? Sounds simple? Not if you are a compulsive eater!

Actually, the learning this week is that we are free to choose whatever we want, it just doesn’t feel like it. So, we have explored some interesting new tools that use our personal motivation when exercising choice, in a whole new way. So rather than standing in the kitchen, staring at the empty bowl and saying to ourselves “how did that happen?” or fiercely willing ourselves to step away from the food, we can calmly observe our behaviour and create a little space between our urge to eat and the act of eating, helping us to feel more in control. And it feels great.

The feedback we are getting from the group is wonderfully positive. We are here to help and support each other with our eating struggles. It feels good to be of service to our fellow foodies, knowing that we share these struggles in our own individual ways, but collectively we understand the shame and secrecy that surround them.

If you would like to find out more then please come along! This current open group will run for the next five weeks and will then close to new members as we begin to work more deeply together. We will then consider re-running another open group. An evening session is also on the cards as we have had some enquirers requesting this.

See you all on Monday!

And hello Brighton group! I will meet you all tomorrow when Emily holds her first session.