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Jan Holden


At the tender age of eight years, I was put on my first diet. A trip to the doctor to investigate my out-turned feet turned into a diagnosis of “my springs being weighed down” i.e. I was overweight. In that moment, my life changed. More…

Emily Holden


I can’t really say why some people are natural eaters and others aren’t.  But I can say that by telling your story, and gently and compassionately listening to your body as you learn how to feed yourself, someone with disordered eating might find patterns and clues within their own story as to how eating became such a battle in the first place. More…

Jane Gooding


For most of my formative years, I suffered with all consuming guilt, although I was not emotionally literate enough to know that this was the emotion I was feeling. All I knew was confusion and feeling bad most of the time. Food always made me feel better. More …