These are all genuine comments made by people who have attended our groups in Brighton or Colchester.  Please get in touch with us via Facebook or email (eerholden@gmail.com) if you have any doubts or worries about attending, or if you’d just like more information about the next group.  We’re always happy to chat about how the groups are run and see if our approach might help you.

“IEWIN has been a huge support to me.  A safe, kind and fun environment where I can talk about my eating and how I feel about my body.  It’s given me the space to make more compassionate decisions about my eating and treat myself in a more loving way.”

“I enjoyed the sharing and the realisation that I’m not alone with my struggles with food. I appreciated the honesty and laughter.”

“Emily – You are heaven-sent. You are so so special. Thank you for your honest, kind, supportive, insightful coaching, facilitation and leadership. You are awesome.”

“I would recommend joining IEWIN if you are seeking kind and loving yet new ways of thinking about eating and food-related issues.”

“The course is a gently liberating journey that has allowed me to see I’m definitely not alone about it all.”

“I have felt very safe, supported and inspired being in the IEWIN group with Emily.”

“A big thank you Emily for sharing your experience and wisdom in the group. You have created a safe and confidential space to meet with other people in their IEWIN journey.”

“It has been an amazing experience meeting you and the others. I have found the experience thought-provoking and it has helped me to have more awareness about my body and eating. Your resources have been great too.”

“Your own experiences have been really helpful to hear and learn from others too. Insightful, awesome, great space to connect and an excellent facilitator.”

“I have found IEWIN to be totally life changing and really valuable to my life. Thank you beautiful ladies.” A

“Honestly, this is the most worthwhile thing that I have done since learning to drive.” D

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for running this group.” K

“The course was/is life changing for me. I was amazed each week with the new discoveries I made and am still making. An amazing group of people and such dedicated facilitators. I feel very blessed and cared for.” S

“It gave me confidence.” W

“I eat less and notice when I am full. I feel more energised and have lost weight.” S

“I experiment with new foods almost every day. I relax more when I eat. I am aware of my feelings much more.” S

“I am sleeping better and wake less often. I am more willing to be with my body.” S

“I have more energy and my skin is better.” J

“Really great group! It is healing me so much.” C

“I have a clear mind, my diet is nourishing my body. I feel happier. My back is mostly pain free.” W

“Very little mindless eating as I now have loads of awareness.” S

“You are a good, respectful team.” J

“Reassuring that it’s not a battle that only I struggle with.” C

“I notice, I think, I now nourish myself.” A

Please get in touch if you have attended a session and would like to provide a testimonial for us.  We are so grateful for your feedback.