• on September 25, 2018

Where is my natural eater? How do I connect with this part of me?

Why do we do what we do, here at IEWIN?

We exist as a community to support people to reconnect with their natural eater. We believe that everyone has the right to a comfortable and relaxed attitude to food and their body. However, many of us have strayed a long way from our innate potential, living as we do in a society that fuels dysfunctional eating and fat phobia. But we can learn how to reconnect with our natural eater, if we give it time, awareness, and our love and patience.

Want to reconnect with the part of you who knows how to eat in an easy and comfortable way? Here is what your natural eater has to say…

A love letter from your natural eater

Hello, I am your natural eater!
You were born with me right here, inside you.
I bring comfort, ease and effortlessness.
I eat to nourish you.
I eat to maintain this amazing body of yours.
Sometimes I eat more, sometimes I eat less.
I eat for pleasure, I eat for enjoyment.
I come in all shapes and sizes.
You may sense me as you navigate your day.
I speak in sensations and feelings.
Sometimes fleeting, sometimes persistent.
I am always here.

How will you know it’s me?
When you FEEL me.
I don’t shout loudly or make big gestures.
I use the beautiful wandering nerve, the vagus nerve, to communicate between your belly and your brain.
Maybe you didn’t even know I existed?
When you feel from the inside “I’m hungry, feed me”. “I’m full, that’s enough”. That’s me!
When you choose the same sort of food, the same quantity of food, regardless of who is around. That’s me!
When you stop judging and ruminating about your food choices. That’s me!
When you stop forensically analysing what you have just eaten. That’s me!
When you stop calculating how much exercise you will need to do after eating. That’s me!
When you stop counting calories, food points, weighing and measuring. That’s me!
When diet talk sounds like an unknown foreign language. That’s me!
When you eat to please yourself, not others. That’s me!
When you take a few bites and decide its not to your taste. That’s me!
When you lay down your guilt and shame around food and claim your entitlement to eat, that’s me!

How can we get more connected?

Reconnecting is a process. We use The Process*

We don’t get reconnected unless we spend time together.
It’s like trying to repair a broken friendship without meeting, spending time together, listening, talking.
Ten minutes laying down, being in our bodies*, is the start.
It can be the hardest thing to do. But it reaps huge rewards.
You get to notice* what is really going on; making the unconscious, conscious.
You start to FEEL your FEELINGS rather than eating over them, smothering them, numbing them, or zoning out from them.
You learn to create space* by laying down, or sitting still, or simply pausing, however briefly. Seeing what choices you have, rather than rolling straight into compulsive, habitual patterns and repetitive thoughts.
Then curiosity* arises. We can unravel what’s really going on, paying attention to what our body is trying to communicate to us.
Maybe we can then sit together, brain and belly, feeling the sensations deep within our whole bodies, whatever is there, even if it is uncomfortable or painful, without reacting to it.
As your natural eater, I flourish best in an atmosphere of kindness*. This enables my nervous system to calm and relax. This release of tension enables me to be heard above the forceful noise of the mind. Then we can make more supportive and harmonious choices together. Belly and brain, well connected.
Inevitably, things go wrong, we lose sight of each other, so when we get stuck, we start again*.
We forget “perfect”. We dismiss a linear path and instead accept a messy, convoluted path; from slowly meandering along to a rollercoaster ride.
With this Process as our map, our daily practice, our guide, we find often surprising moments of balance* in the ebb and flow of our lives.
Trust me.
As your natural eater, I am uniquely yours.
We are changing and growing together, evolving with the seasons and the times of our lives.
There is nothing wrong with you, there never was.
We got sucked into a disordered way of eating and of viewing our body. A way of being that has become the norm in our society.

We know it doesn’t have to be this way.

We can eat what we need.


-Jan Holden-